"Fast, Easy, and Safe." ARC Tracker's mission is to save time for everyone involved in Architectural Review while protecting the interests of all involved.


ARC Tracker (Patent Pending) is the only internet-based system for end-to-end management of Architectural Review Requests. arctracker.com allows homeowners to login and submit requests for exterior changes to their property for approval by their homeowner association's Architectural Review Committee (ARC). ARC members can also log in and review the requests, dialog with the homeowner, and then vote to approve or deny the requests on the site. All requests are logged and archived for easy retrieval and reporting. Gone are the days of tedious paper requests, long waits for the ARC to meet, paper requests getting lost, irate homeowners having to call for the status of their request, and ARC meetings failing to act on requests because a quorum was not present.


Founded in 2013 by Robert Thomson, ARC Tracker is a privately held Subchapter S corporation registered in the state of Florida. Incorporated in October of 2013, ARC Tracker first began selling its product to customers in August of 2014 after 10 months of initial product development and testing.


Interested in investing in ARC Tracker? We welcome individual or corporate equity investors. We are in a round of equity financing that you can participate in. Shares are currently $100 representing a .02% equity stake each. The current round targets distribution of 20% of the ownership of ARC Tracker. Interested investors can reach us at 201-208-2272.


We are currently looking for enthusiastic and committed team members in the area of sales and support. If you are interested in joining the team of a fast-growing and innovative company with incredible upside potential, contact ARC Tracker at 201-208-2272.


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